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Proton recently revealed their very first looks of Proton Inspira which has no difference compared to the Japanese Mitsubishi Model LANCER. Sources at proton say that they wanted to move away from the Lancer's design of "AGGRESSIVE LOOK", but unfortunately their statements don't explain what pictures do.

The engine variants are available in 2.0P and 1.8E versions where P stands for premium and E stands for Executive. Even at the bottom of the Boot, Lancer is equipped wih chrome strip, which has been diffused with black in the proton's bumper. With 16-inch tyres and not much difference in the interior, it seems that Mitsubishi is now available in the Malaysian Low priced edition as well as the Japanese high priced edition. With hopes of Malaysian strengthening their Auto-industry ties with Pakistan, this car may have chances to hit the oceans of our sea ports soon.


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Hey, Proton gave dealership to people who were unable to market it properly in Pakistan. They should either do it themselves or give to somebody who can market it properly.


When I comment, the capcha window makes it impossible to see the form where I have to put the captcha. I have to click the captcha screen then scroll down using the down arrow key. Offcourse, most people won't find that by themselves.

May be it's my side or may be it's your theme. Can you please comment yourself and see the problem?


hey thanx bro for bringing it to our notice. We will look into it shortly.

well Umair protons are not as good as lancers , and in a country like pakistan where the original lancer doesnt hold any value , its copy wont either , not a bright idea for Pakistan , unless they come with a bang (billions to get setld)


People are saying this one is rebranded lancer. In that case it's a lancer with proton's badge.

Lancer did start to get sales in Pakistan but then their distributors, the dewans, messed up things because some infighting.

Competent people, big marketing budget to convince people new brand of car is better than crappy suzuki and you have recipe to a successful new market entrance.

If our people cannot appreciate quality over brand name then we will get rotten quality at high prices and we deserve this.

never knew that Dewaans were bringing it in , well thats wat i meant when i said billions to setup their networks,

you wud have remembered gilli rite , it was a superb car , i was even willing to buy one but then for no reason no one bought it , no network no parts no nothing , although it was chinese car it was WAY better than sizuki crap, the only reason ppl dint buy it was coz it was chinese.

if proton can actually run commercials and establish a good network , assure gud resale value like honda ppl ,i would be buying one :D

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