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Pakistan has recently tested its first locally built Helicopter. With still in its progressive stage, the Helicopter has achieved a top speed of 190 kph and a height of 17000. It will have capability of landing on water as well.

The chopper is a two seater manufactured by three engineers Mr. Rehan Janjua, Mr Shakir Ayub and Mr. Mujibur Rehman. The engineers look forward for production of the helicopter. 
Retired Air Officer Mr Mujibur Rehman  quotes:

 “We plan to develop the helicopter for ambulance and security operations....Traditional helicopters have a stick-to-head, a mechanical system, so when the pilot moves the stick a mechanical system moves the push-pull rods on the rotor system. We have a fly-by-wire system, where the control of the pilot goes into the electronics of the aircraft and then ultimately moves the swash plate or the control rod servos. It's like driving a car with a joystick rather than a steering wheel.”

The chopper costs nine million rupees and they look forward to built 80 fully built choppers which they look forward to sell to public sector forces. The chopper is equipped with such features that it will land smoothly in case of fuel outage and will not require a run-way as well as they plan to add some additional gear to it in the future. 

Pakistan does not lack talent. We only lack honest rulers who point their fingers to their pockets only instead of looking out for the country. If these engineers are given more room, support and financial help, no wonder Pakistan can have locally assembled Hybrid cars, planes, cars, motorbikes and what NOT!!!! 
But all we see is this party pointing at that party and vice versa. No future planning, No Energy crisis permanent solution, no nothing...... Let us hope for the best as one day our nation unite and takes control of ruling their own country.... 

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