World's First Motor Car To Celebrate Its Birthday On 29th January

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The  revolution of Motor cars has been with us since ages. But little do we know who pioneered the first car and some of us may also not know what was its shape, while some of you eventually would know it as well.
On January 29, 1886 Karl Benz was the first person to apply for a patent to register the first "VEHICLE WITH A GAS ENGiNE". Patent number was registered  as DRP 37435 within the same year. Within a few years a company was formed with a name of Dailmer-Benz which was a merger between Karl and his other friend Gottlieb Daimler.Karl Benz is hence not only a co-founder of Mercedes Benz but also is the Key to a lock which was opened at that time "THE AUTO INDUSTY".

Video of First Car. Courtesy: Youtube

Soon within seven months the first engine was designed by Daimler with the help of Wilhelm Maybach and wwas attached to a four wheel horseless coach. After the death of Daimler, Emil Jellinek who was the biggest distributor for Daimler asked Maybach to design the car claiming it to be named after his daughter "MERCEDES". So now you know where Mercedes came from. Hence in 1901, Mercedes car was launched and continues its era with huge market till date.

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