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The most shocking news appeared to me when i was browsing through the internet today. I was astoundingly shocked by the mere innovation that was carved out of an ugly duckling. Who was the ugly duckling? At first the news seemed unreal to me, but after confirmation from sources, here is the real deal.

At Tokyo auto Saloon, Japanese students from Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology successfully created a new ride out of a MAZDA. The Mazda MPV BONGO FRIENDEE was the part of the UGLY DUCKLING TEAM looking for a Body Surgery. This car was sold between 1995 and 2005.

Though remarked as Ugly by Japanese, i still rate it better than alot of Pakistani cars present in our Homeland. But UGLY YES IT WAS INDEED IF YOU LOOK AT WHAT IT WAS MADE TO AFTER BEING SURGICALLY TREATED!!!!
Here you have it, CHRYSLER PRIUS 300C. A BEAST!! It looks as if the Mazda had transformed into the incredible hulk. Check the green color they kept just to make it look like a hulk.. [^_^]

 Source: Carscoop.blogspot.com

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Niceee! :D


Nice car! Even though this is not my style I have to accept the originality and the colors used to create it are totally accerted.

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