Does Your Car Smoke?

Posted by Muzammil | Posted on 11/16/2010 01:27:00 PM

We all know smoking is injurious to health. But little do we know about cars once they start smoking. Smoking to some may appear to be rich fuel combustion. But this is not always the case. Judging a car by the color of smoke plays an important role.

If black smog appears, apparently it is rich combustion. But what if the gray smog appears from the exhaust? I would advise you to stop driving your car if you see gray smoke and read the following guide that gives a precise and clear in-depth analysis of why Cars Smoke Gray and then visit a mechanic so that your mechanic cannot mis-guide and overcharge you
Gray/Blue smog from the exhaust can be due to the following reasons:

0. Engine newly overhauled:

Check for oil in the Exhaust pipe. Since before the overhaul, oil was seeping into the engine, it may have caused un-combusted oil to accumulate in the exhaust. Normally this type of issue may not persist for long and the volume of smoke being emitted will decrease with time.
OUTCOME TO WATCH: Engine oil should not decrease.

1. Oil seeping into the cylinders because of worn out piston rings:

Piston rings are actually what seal the surrounding of your cylinders from the Engine oil that is present in the engine. If piston rings wear out, they will cause the engine oil to seep into the cylinders and eventually the oil would be used up in combustion causing gray smog from the rear of your car.
OUTCOME TO WATCH: Oil level of car will decrease

2. Bad valves guides:

Valve guides seal the combustion chamber from engine oil. If there is a crack in the valve guide, oil might seep into the combustion chamber giving you gray smog. But sometimes you will observe that if the crack is very minor, the engine will give smog on starting only and then with time, the smog will vanish away. This is due to the principal that metal expands when heated. And when the metal expands and fills the minor crack, smoke vanishes away.
OUTCOME TO WATCH: Oil level will decrease

3. I CHECKED THE ABOVE 1 and 2 but smoke is still there:

Well if you see smoke yet, here is another issue that might be present. THE PCV Valve also known as Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve. This valve is used to evacuate gases from the engine chamber. Check with the valve, sometime the valve may malfunction and suck gases so hard initially that oil may seep into it and then go through the butterfly into the engine and burn in combustion giving gray/blue smoke.
OUTCOME TO WATCH: Oil level will decrease


Well don't give up. If the above issues don't end up smoke, then there is only one last reason that could be the cause of the gray smoke. A MINOR CRACK IN THE HEAD!!. Not your head or mine, but the engine's head. And there you have it. The crack is so minor that aluminum welding will not even fit it fine, or the crack isnt visible to you to find where to weld it.
I would advise you to go to the market and purchase a new head, or at least buy a one that is used and never repaired!!!
OUTCOME TO WATCH: Oil level will decrease

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