World's Most Lowest Emission Engine Averaging at 28.91Km/l!!

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We have always thought of cars having mileage of not more than 16-17km/litre.  This is more than an imaginative accepted fact by our conventional brains. Recently Fiat, one of the brands that failed in Pakistan market have launched a two-cylinder 875cc petrol engine for a car. The car has been tested and amazingly gives an average of 28.91 Km/l (FIAT CLAIMED) and carbon emission figures of as low as 95g/km of CO2

Fiat eventually was able to achieve this with their award winning new TwinAir concept set under the hood of their car titled 500. With an 85bhp engine, this car is a classic and can out-perform a 1000 cc Suzuki Maruti/Mehran/Cultus/Alto and Daihatsu Coure as well. The engine is much more powerful than its' recent 4-cylinder 1.2litre engine. Not only that, but the car also enjoys reduction in exhaust emissions and noise because of their TwinAir engine concept. In third world countries like ours’, this car could help a lot in saving our own GAS reserves which are currently dropping to very low levels at a speedy pace.

Fiat 500 TwinAir is one of a kind engine that has won International Engine of the Year award and combined with a turbo-charger, it helps to optimize performance, and also reducing the vibrations in the engine as claimed by FIAT. The car is equipped with 5 speed manual slick-shift as well as a Dualogic robotized manual for drivers who prefer automatic shifting of gears by simply pushing or pulling the gear level. The car is equipped with ABS, 8 air bags and is EuroNCAP crash safety five-star rated.
I really wish that FIAT plans a come-back to Pakistan soon with their newest creation, or if our government wishes to, they should, instead of importing 7 year old junk from the West coast, middle east or Japan, set their focus on cars such as these which can help benefit the pockets of our society, cities and more importantly THE WHOLE NATION.


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I really hope Fiat brings this car to Pakistan. Thanks for introducing it in your post.

Your welcome sir, Glad to know you liked our post. Thank you.

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