Shocking: Honda City Does An Amazing 26.2KM Per Litre!

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What we always think when talking about cars in Pakistan are the newer they get, the more worthless they are rated. Why???? Maybe we have set our own borders of narrow minded thought. For instance, a survey made by students of university regarding three popular questions had the following answers to tell:

What is the best car you like??   TOYOTA
What is the best iron you like??  NATIONAL
Which company's TV is best??   SONY
Well i would simply say that "Hey things have changed, please move on."
Eventually the most disliked Honda City shape in Pakistan has proven to set a record of the most fuel efficient engines that Honda has ever produced.

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd demonstrated the fuel efficiency of Honda City i-DSI last weekend, in an event they called the F.E.A.T., or the Fuel Efficiency Automobile Test. And a feat it was, because the results were very impressive indeed. Honda Malaysia held an event in the name of Honda City i-DSi technology which was named F.E.A.T. 
16 participants took park in the challenge in which they were told to follow an average highway speed limit of 80km/hour along with their air-conditioning switched on, trunk loaded with luggage and spare tyre available.The route was to start from Honda Malaysia in Petaling Jaya to Cameron Highlands that is approximately 5440ft above sea level and leading to Bukit Merah. The next day after rest, they were to go back to Honda's headquarter where it all started. 
The best part is, the car was not to be driven alone. Each car had four occupants.
Now i must say that the total distance to be covered was more than 660km, but the aim was to reach the finish line using a single tank that is 42 litres.

Fuel levels were measured before the start of the race and eventually the results were more than shocking. Winning team comprising of Jimmy, Eric Goh, Sim Chee Kun and Edwin managed a total of 662.5km in only 25.29 litres of petrol!!!!!!
This is equivalent to 26.2km per litre of fuel economy!!!!

This isnt a gimmick or a joke, but this is what I call..... IMPRESSIVE. Honda's i-DSI technology has no doubt made this car one of the most fuel efficient car of the world. So all of you who still believe that Honda City sucks, I believe you're mistaking because at the size of a 1300 cc engine, the performance it can give you is worth than any 1000cc car you can buy and drive on petrol or even a Standard Corolla whether a 1.3/1.6/1.8 Engine as size of the car is same for all the three engines.

Its time to move on and live the POWER OF DREAMS...

Source: Paultan.org

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Wow, i dont believe it..:S this is shocking dude..

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